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Hey, Hooligans!

I know a lot of my DA family are also comic artists, so I thought you might be interested in this blog I just published on my Tumblr where I'm reviewing webcomics. It's a collection of tips about how to succeed with a Kickstarter and also a little post-mortem on a failed Kickstarter from another creator. Have a look, I hope you find it helpful! :D…


p.s. I overlooked this journal a while ago, from my friend Emma Warren, who could really use some commissions. So if you're in the market, give her a look!

Funds Desperately NeededUpdated: October 23rd 2017
[43% raised so far]

If you're the kind of generous human (or alien) that might be inclined and capable of helping me out a little, there are a few ways:
I take commissions. Here is a link to my Commission Information Journal for all the information you should need.
I've also started making adoptables over at EmsAdoptables if that kind of thing interests you.I have a few of my pieces available as prints through dA. I'm hoping to create new work to sell as prints here and on various other sites asap.
All my originals are available for sale at very low and negotiable prices with free shipping within the UK. Send me a note if you're interested.
Or you could Buy Me a Coffeeor donate in any amount into
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