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Hey, Hooligans! A few months back I had this little dust-up with pro-internet troll and arguably the most hated man in comics today, Richard Meyer, which was great for me, gave me tons of material for satire. :boogie: Basically, he and his fans can't handle their own medicine. I pushed back the relaunch of our Laugh It Forward Kickstarter because I wanted to get this off my to-do list first.

I've had some pretty good feedback on it so far!

"I love what you’re doing... like Swift meets a calm Bill Hicks, you use your comedy to expose the animal trappings of human nature. Ego, fear, ignorance, etc... You have a unique voice and perspective." - Eric Hailey

"oh...mygod. I... LOVED it xDDD Even lovey is sitting to the side, having no idea what I pulled up and says 'I love this guy, he's hilarious' and we're both just laughing our asses off." - Punkocalypse

I put it in my Twitter rotation with a bunch of Carlin-esque descriptions like:

"Meyer says jokes bring people together, so in that spirit, I think the world would be better off if he were butfucked to death by a pack of rabbid hyenas. ;P #satire"


"Meyer says jokes bring people together, so in that spirit, I think the world would be better off if someone force-fed him 50 gallons of Ebola-tainted whale jizz. ;P #satire"

Those descriptions make more sense a few minutes into the video, they're basically Meyer's idea of satire. Thanks in advance for the likes and let me know what you think!

- Sam

:new: And here's the video for the upcoming Kickstarter relaunch on Tuesday!

The-Golden-Knight Featured By Owner May 13, 2018
That's normal. It reminds me of this line from an old DuckTales cartoon I have on tape: "I love it when things blow up...but NOT when it's ME!"
woohooligan Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
:nod: Yeah, it happens a lot. I caught another somebody doing it on my Facebook feed earlier today... insulted someone, played the victim when that person gave him lip in response, and then when I didn't agree with him that he was the victim he said I was "deciding to ignore facts and remain ignorant".…
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