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Hey, Hooligans! I just put up a new satirical blog the other day titled, as you've obviously guessed, Punching Nazis: A Handy Guide!

I also got my 60 artists just at the end of the month and sent out the forms for the artist spotlights during my Kickstarter next month! I've already seen several responses, and, the google form doesn't work the way I thought it did! :P But the foul-up isn't so bad that I can't work with it.

I've been seeing a lot more engagement with people on Twitter lately, sharing my tweets about a couple of the strips and blogs I'm trying to promote, like my comedy manifesto and the trickle-down economics info-comic.

Oh, subscribers on our mailing list TRIPLED last month to 93! :D

I also created an AMA that launches the day of the Kickstarter: Sam Dealey Roasts Himself! An AMA on Comedy, Comics, Autism, Near Death Birthdays, Depression, and why Laughter is a Moral Imperative. The page says there are already 108 RSVPs who want to know when it's live, and 69 questions! :horny:

What were you up to last month?!

Thank you for sharing yourself!

p.s. My friend Angel is selling some things on Ebay to fund some things she needs like dental work. See if you can give her a hand!

Happy Holidays, Hooligans!

:holly: :heart: :holly: :heart: :holly: :heart: :holly: 

First, if you'd like some Free Promotion in March, I'd like to remind everyone that I'll be doing a daily Artist Spotlight during my Kickstarter that will start March 6th. All you have to do is let me know what project(s) you'd like to promote and how best to contact you (note, email, Twitter, etc). I'll get you in our spreadsheet and follow up with more details closer to March.

:new: I just found out Lehmurix had a house fire and the family lost everything. Please help if you can. :heart:

Ive lost everything in a fireUpdate #3: I havent really had the heart to be active on DA and TH. All I did was read the comments and browse and what not. But Ive told myself that being depressed and just sitting around all day isnt going to bring my house and cats back. SOOO Im gonna try and reply to all of your comments (theres 43 btw holy cow Ive never had that many before!) and finish setting up my contest!
Also, for all of those who have donated please check out Kavaro's journal! She's hosting a small raffle and the winners will receive a chibi! ;v;<3
Staccatos has also made these super adorable adopts and all the funds will go towards the fundraiser! >>  
Update #2: Im totally speechless with all the people who have come forward to help donate and share my journal! ;; I already said this on TH but its at times like these that I love being apart of this community. I cant thank you all enough for the kind words and encouragem

:new: JA Meyers TheBrassGlass is compiling a list of comic creators on DA.…

:new: My friend SavvyRed is giving away a 1-month core membership, some points and some features in a Pay It Forward contest. You have to get in by Jan 1 to be eligible for the core membership.

Pass It On Giveaway - Giving Out Points + Feature:icondisney-heroines::iconcomicunderground::iconloveseesnogender:

UPDATE: I have chosen to give the Core membership to BudderMeow!

Yes, that's right!  This is a giveaway!  The first 20 people who enter will get 1 point each, and one awesome person will get a FREE 1 month Core Membership! (Core membership has been given away already to BudderMeow!, but we still have plenty of space for free points and a feature!)   The next 20 people will end up in a feature.  You don't have to advertise anything, write a journal, or anything like that.  However, you MUST follow the directions!
FIRST PRIZE (Given to one person chosen by me who properly enters the contest by January 1, 2017)
1 month FREE

This next subject is a bit personal and emotional for me. I spent most of this week working on a very specific blog on my Tumblr, about changing careers to comedy and how it forces me to wade through a lot of very disgusting marketing stuff in order to do this cool comedy for you that really is my passion. It took me most of the week and five revisions to feel ready to publish, and the last two days I spent uncontrollably sobbing over my keyboard. (Many of them happy tears.) I hope you enjoy it! :heart:

:star: :star: :star:… :star: :star: :star:

Happy Valentine's Day by sebreg Valentine 2014 by hjstory hand crafted quality by Bob-Rz Hamster Heartbreak by ursulav heartbreak by shecro Heartache by ThePsychoGoat deadpool... have a heart by m7781 a deadpool and harley quinn valentine by m7781

In funnier news, as I braved the zombie apocalypse we know as "holiday shopping" this year, I found a great many weird and wonderful and definitely stupid things! I posted a blog about that on my Tumblr, with photos of all the stupid things found at the store this year:…

Also mentioned in that blog, my friend ChibiCelina sent me this really cool hand-drawn picture of Lucifer and Amity from my Hellbent story. It was a thank-you for something, but I actually don't remember what. :B This is a lot more menacing than Lucifer ever looks when I draw him. ;P You can read Hellbent starting here:

2017-12-23 13.29.58 by woohooligan

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Happy Holidays!

:holly: :heart: :holly: :heart: :holly: :heart: :holly: 
Hey, Hooligans!

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that I'm launching the Kickstarter for my next two books in March. I'm also using this as an opportunity to promote some of my friends and other artists. So, every day during and maybe even before the launch of the Kickstarter, I'll be publishing a daily update and artist spotlight!

All I need from you right now is an idea of the projects you'd like to promote and a way to contact you -- social media, an email address, whatever. Leave me a comment or a note. We'll talk more about the details of the promotion closer to March.

If you're new here, Hi! :wave: My name is Sam, I'm a comedian and a cartoonist. If you're wondering if this promotion is a good fit for you, you can check out some of my comedy here: Laughter Is a Moral Imperative and some of my more popular comics from 2016.

I also review webcomics.

And please share this with your friends!

Thank you for sharing yourself,
Hey, Hooligans!

I made the last couple updates on my Patreon public.

First, both of my younger kids (16 and 19) got official autism diagnoses yesterday. It's good news, because it makes them eligible for supports they wouldn't otherwise have access to.…

And the other thing is I'm planning a Kickstarter for March to publish the next two Woohooligan books.…

And the rest of today I'm working on another comic page and a couple of comedy articles.

How are you folks doin'?


p.s. If you haven't seen it yet, check out Laughter is a Moral Imperative. I'm really happy with this little manifesto, I think it's one of the best things I've written. :D

:new: Also, my friend Amy lilrebelart is having some tech issues and could really use a commission or two. Here's her commission page…
Hey, Hooligans! It's finally published! :D

The Laughtifesto explains why I say laughter is a moral imperative, and while it doesn't talk about my cancer, it's a purer, less commercial declaration of my feelings about comedy (compared to Patreon), why I make it and what I hope we can all accomplish with it.

Several of the people who saw early drafts of this manifesto say they not only enjoyed it, but they feel it's an important message for people to hear, especially lately with everything we're seeing in our news. I hope it fills you all with joy! :D

And I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! Don't let your racist uncles get you down! :P

I'm also planning a Kickstarter in March for Woohooligan Vol 2: Laugh It Forward and Hellbent Vol 1: Hell If I Know. Looking forward to that! :D And I've scheduled an AMA to coincide with the launch. If you want to keep up to date with the Kickstarter plans, sign up for our mailing list on our site

p.s. In personal news, I made the first draft of this on my birthday on the 5th. My birthday was cool, I got a lot of happy-birthday wishes here and on Facebook. We didn't get out though because Tiff was sick and I wasn't feeling fantastic. Health issues are still weird. I finally got an appointment to see the endocrinologist, but they couldn't fit me in until the end of February. And then they surprised me by calling me back with a cancellation and moving me up to the end of January. So I've still got two months to get through before then, but I'm hoping my health will be a little better when I launch the Kickstarter a month after that. :fingerscrossed:
Hey guys! My friend, Tom, publishes this cool sci-fi comic called Nextuus. I just published a review of a couple chapters of it, and Tom gave me a little useful feedback as a reviewer also. His is posted as a YouTube vlog, and included it in this DA journal here:

Hey, Hooligans! There's been a lot going on lately, so I'm just going to run down some bullet points for anyone who's interested. Some frustrating stuff, some good news, a few tv-show and book recommendations. What are you up to? Leave me a comment.

- Still struggling with diabetes complications from an as-yet undiagnosed second condition (doctor wants me to see an endocrinologist) - my money is still on hypothyroid - despite the insulin getting my blood-sugars down to the high side of average (100-150 most of the time), I'm still having a boat-load of the diabetic symptoms -- feeling hot or cold at normal room temperatures, frequent urination, constant physical exhaustion, even a little blurry vision (small print on pill bottles or my phone in particular)

- need to switch my medicare provider as soon as enrollment starts next month because my provider is cheap and doesn't want to pay for my doctor's network anymore

- my mother-in-law has an adenocarcinoma in her lung that was discovered on a scan after her hyperparathyroid surgery

- but her bone destruction hasn't healed since that surgery because when she was told to stop taking calcium she heard "STOP TAKING ANY MEDICATIONS!"

- thankfully her cancer was caught early at stage 1 and didn't get into her lymph which means only 2-weeks of radiation therapy...

- I'm still the only driver in a house of 5 and all of us now have therapy sessions on top of frequent doctor visits for 3 of us due to diabetes, back injury (and associated attempt at disability), and Carol's age-related issues like the hyperparathyroid and cancer...

- The exhaustion from the diabetes has seriously impeded my work during the times that I haven't been driving errands and doctor's appointments

- I finished reading two books recently, Seth Godin's Tribes and Amanda Fucking Palmer's The Art of Asking (both good) mostly while waiting in doctor's offices

- both of the break lights in our new car stopped working (not sure if we have any money left to get them fixed)

- we've been living about $100 below poverty for over a year - I did pick up a single new $1 Patron in the past couple months, but that's the only growth I've had all year - I'm thankful that I haven't lost more than about $3 in pledges this year though

- I've got about 50 people on my mailing list and I'm hoping to double that before the spring when I want to run a Kickstarter in the hopes that funding around $5k will bring in enough capital for me to visit a few conventions next year in addition to having a 2nd book on the table.

- Despite the illness, I finally managed to publish a 4-page comic about trickle-down economics last month, although it was the only work I managed to publish for the month

- my webcomic reviews have been a lot slower than I'd hoped because of the illness

- but I did just standardize my reply emails for authors requesting reviews, which will at least make that part easier, and I added some links to articles that may help them with Kickstarter campaigns and such (just today)

- I've gotten a bit better about Facebook -- when people send me friend requests now, I copy and paste a thank-you onto their wall or a message to them, I offer to help with any of their projects, and I link them to my Patreon page -- it's resulted in several great conversations this week

- I finally published my review for Russell Nohelty's new Sell Your Soul book, which I agreed to reed an Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of, and agreed to review many months ago…

- I ran out of episodes of Voyager and DS9 and have been watching episodes of the original Star Trek recently... when I run out of that, the only one left that I can get for free will be the animated series.

- I have really mixed feelings about The Good Doctor - a series about a severely autistic resident surgeon... it's the only new show about an autistic character that I can see for free... I wish someone would make a network show about an autistic character who represents the majority of autistic people like me, who frequently hear "you don't seem autistic", instead of making all of them talk like Rain Man - Bones had a lot of autistic characters, but none that were described as diagnosed

- I don't like that any new show you're interested in now requires a separate subscription for a network with virtually nothing else on it

- This year's political comedies are fantastic! Colbert, Seth Meyers, the Daily Show, Full Frontal, and I'm really happy with Jordan Klepper's new show, the Opposition

- Oh, and there are two awesome half-hour sitcoms on lately -- The Good Place is in season 2 and Ghosted just started -- and Seth McFarlane now has an hour-long sci-fi comedy called the Orville, loosely based on Star Trek and that's also awesome

- I'm vaguely considering making a board game in which the goal is to outlive all the other players (like Monopoly), whilst navigating the corridors of a hospital that puts the Minotaur's labyrinth to shame, with heart counters, money, and byzantine amounts of red-tape and insurance cock-ups -- I want to have event cards like "receive an asshole transplant - pay $x and move to the recovery room" or "doctor left a wristwatch in your colon, receive $x from malpractice, lose one heart and move to the surgery room for follow-up". I'm contemplating a lobotomy card, but I'm not sure what to do with it. I don't have a good name for this game, but I feel like it's a great opportunity for comedy. :D

How and what are you guys all doing?
Hey, Hooligans!

I know I haven't been very active here in the past couple months. I've been having some issues with my diabetes that the doctor still hasn't figured out. I'm fairly certain that it's hypothyroid, which is 1-in-10 for people with diabetes, and my mom says our family has a history of it... unfortunately, I've had a couple thyroid panels come back normal, although I've read that those labs aren't very reliable. If you get one that's not-normal, then you know for certain you have it, but on the other side, you can apparently have several normal thyroid labs despite having a thyroid problem. I'm sure this will all get figured out in the long-run, although in the moment right now it's pretty frustrating. I just published a new comic about the problems of trickle-down economics, and it's only about the 2nd I've been able to finish in the past two months. Today I got nine hours of sleep last night, was up long enough to get breakfast this morning and then after only about an hour or so being up was suddenly exhausted and had to take another nap for another hour. Woke up again feeling weird and a little shaky like a low-blood-sugar event, despite being 110, which is right in the normal zone for BS. (Bullshit has a totally different set of zones.) That's how it's been in the past few months and why I've been having such difficulty getting work done, along with a lot of doctor visits and other errands (I'm still the only driver in our house).

How have you guys been?

DeviantArt is still my favorite social media site. I do have over 5k followers on twitter and a few thousand Facebook friends, but at least so far, I've never been as close with those groups as I am with my DA Family. :hug:

A few of my friends have commissions open. Check them out:

:iconrigiroony: - I didn't see a journal
:icontonyneely: My Commission Info by TonyNeely
:iconastralseed: Quick Reduced priced Commissions..Hey guys, just going to offer a few reduced priced headshot commissions this month. 
First come first served. Equines only for reduced priced commissions.
7$ per headshot 

Available slots:
1. Minty-mouse - Finished - 
2. Fade--Touched - Finished- 
3. Inkqubus - Finished - 
4. Thesmia - Finished - 
5. Little-Fork - Finished - 
6. Little-Fork - Finished - 
7. SG-Phantom - Finished - 
8. SG-Phantom - Finished - 
9. xVerdelet - Finished - 
10. Euryba - Finished - 
Comment below or note me to snag a slot (or more if you want more than one)

:iconpunkocalypse: <da:thumb id="705799030"/>
Hey, Hooligans!

I know a lot of my DA family are also comic artists, so I thought you might be interested in this blog I just published on my Tumblr where I'm reviewing webcomics. It's a collection of tips about how to succeed with a Kickstarter and also a little post-mortem on a failed Kickstarter from another creator. Have a look, I hope you find it helpful! :D…


p.s. I overlooked this journal a while ago, from my friend Emma Warren, who could really use some commissions. So if you're in the market, give her a look!

<da:thumb id="639951941"/>
Hey, Hooligans! I just posted a blog over on my Tumblr that might interest some of you.…

In particular, :iconelectricgecko: and maybe :iconspinester: -- it's related to the previous journal I wrote about the Webcomic Police review from December. It's not a big deal if you're not interested, I just thought I'd tag you guys in case you were curious.


:new: Also, my friend Amy still needs some more commission work, so I'm re-posting that.

Hey guys! My friend Amy, lilrebelart, is having a problem with an employer who's not getting equipment fixed so she can put in her hours. So if you're looking for commissions or have a few you can spare, check her out.

Here's her announcement about it:…

And here are a couple from her DA gallery:
Jorya by lilrebelart Jayda by lilrebelart  Rhea by lilrebelart

Also, I posted another webcomic review a couple days ago.

If you like fantasy action/adventure comics, you might like Tales of Midgard.…

What are you fine folks up to?
:new: Hey, I forgot to mention before that my friend Angel is struggling a bit to make ends meet. She's selling some things on Ebay if you have a moment to give it a look. :hug:

Hey, some help if you canThings here haven't been going well. I'm doing what I can to make ends meet, and that means I'm looking to ebay. I know, not one of the best options, but I need to sell some items as I'm going to come up short for this month.
If you have a moment please go see what I have, best if you live in the USA, if you don't please contact me as the international shipping part of ebay is hard for me to work with. I have changed 1 auction so far, everything else is in this weird none or some global program thing.
If you can't get anything, maybe just share the link? Thank you. And oh boy do I miss core. I was trying to hang on to that last journal for as long as I could.

Hey Hooligans!

I've been wanting to overhaul my Patreon for a little while and I finally did it a few days ago. And while pledges would be fantastic, what I'd like to ask is just to get your thoughts on my new Patreon page. Let me know your honest opinion, see if there's anything I can improve. :nod: Thanks guys!

(Apparently DA doesn't offer ANY way to right-align an image... bleh.)

Secondly, I published my seventh webcomic review over on my Tumblr. This review is for Modest Medusa by JakeRichmond. You can check out the new review here:…

If you're a comic creator, and you'd like to get a review, you can check out my submission rules here:…

Thanks, Hooligans!
6am tomorrow I head out to RathaCon in Athens Ohio!

It's likely to be the only convention I table this year because I'm sharing it with my friend KelciD and outside of this one event, I'm putting all my funds into advertising to grow my audience. Thankfully the advertising is working quite well! It's just underfunded, so that's why probably no more cons this year. Hopefully next year. :D

Wish me luck and have a fantastic Saturday, Hooligans!

p.s. In the meantime, check out my latest webcomic reviews of Boston Metaphysical and Sketch Comedy!

Hey, Hooligans!

So the good news is my mother-in-law, Carol's hyperparathyroid surgery went real well and she's recovering nicely. And in the month of April, my friend Chris Campos also invited me to have a free quarter-page ad in one of his books -- he was offering them to other indy artists as a way of paying it forward. Woohoo! :D

There's a bunch more stuff in my monthly progress report about how brutal my schedule was in April and why I only managed to publish three comic pages. :faint: Including a prescription that was supposed to help me with physical exhaustion but so far has only broken my dick. D'oh!…

Also, this video from sambeawesome is pretty good, about common mistakes to avoid with digital art.

Hey, Hooligans! I just published a new review of a drama/superhero/scifi webcomic.

Before you follow this link, I want you to know this particular comic I reviewed contains NSFW and potentially disturbing content including torture like the Saw movies and extreme violence toward children. I always reserve the right to refuse a review, but I consider that a last resort as I want to make this service available to as many creators as I can. This review should not be considered an endorsement of child-abuse any more than a review of Psycho might be considered an endorsement of serial-killing.…

If you're interested in having your own comic reviewed, you can find my rules and request info on the Tumblr blog.


#tortureporn #drama #superheroes #scifi #nsfw #disturbing
Hey there, Hooligans! My March update includes SHOCKING news about my vampire penis. What?! Yes, vampires! ;)…

Also, check out my friend JakeRichmond who's also promoting his Patreon for his comics Modest Medusa, Ghost Kiss, and the Legend of Korra fan comic Asami Loves Korra.

April Patreon Drive! Help me keep making comics!Hi everyone. This month I’m trying really hard to boost my Patreon. For those of you who don’t know, Patreon is a platform that allows the people who enjoy Modest Medusa and my other comics to give me financial support (if they are so inclined) and get rewards. My Patreon is absolutely vital to me since it accounts for about 75-100% of my monthly income (depending on the month). I’m very fortunate to have so many of you as patrons, and your generosity has allowed me to focus on making comics and art as my full time job. However, I really need to boost my Patreon income to cover basic living expenses, and I hope that introducing some new Goals and Rewards will encourage some of who can afford it to become patrons. Even a dollar or two every month really helps!

Last month I began offering a new $10 sketch pledge, where

:new: I forgot to mention last time, my other friend Thom Hotka (NyQuilDreamer) posted this interview with Jet Falco about his fantasy comic Dreamer's Echo (hmmm.... there's a pattern emerging here... ) which is now funded with six days remaining in their Kickstarter campaign!

The past week I've been having a tough time staying awake. I would get ten hours sleep the night before and still pass out around 2 in the afternoon. I've continued to work, although it's been challenging. I had some more dental work done a couple weeks ago and I expected soreness, but the pain got worse and I got back into the dentist yesterday morning. I don't know if she was certain at the time, but I thought the one tooth she hadn't filled because she wanted to crown it had become infected and she did prescribe me an antibiotic. I've started taking it, along with prescription quantities of ibuprofen, and then yesterday evening the lymph nodes under that jaw were a little swollen, so I think that's confirmation of an infection.

I'm continuing to work despite still being in a fair amount of pain. Trying to get another webcomic review out today as well as working on a patron bonus comic for Patreon and I probably should also start working on the next page of Hellbent as well, since tomorrow will have been a week since the last update, and the bonus comic is 4-pages, which means there's no way I'm getting it done between now and then.

:new: Immediately after posting this journal, I had to run a couple errands in the cold. The tooth infection got way worse and despite my dislike of opioids, I took a Hydrocodone when I got home... It helped with the pain, although not very much, and it made me dizzy and nauseated. The long and the short of it is the pain after the errands took me completely out yesterday and I got no work done (after posting this journal about how I was trying to work through it) :ohmygod: ... so the next page will be delayed.

In the meantime, if you haven't seen it yet, here's a YouTube tutorial video I made about how to save time inking and coloring by using vector layers in Manga Studio. If you keep up with Woohooligan, there are a couple of examples of this in the latest page, in Amity's hair while she's drinking and her tears in the last panel.

Hey guys! I'm a little late publishing my progress report for January. You can check out my notes for January here and there's also a link to a TEDx talk from Joel and Stephen Levinson, a couple of comedians from Dayton I met recently, who have written for the Tonight Show, the Daily show and a bunch of other places:

Also a couple friends of mine are closing in on their Kickstarter project goals. Thom Hotka NyQuilDreamer is just a couple hundred away from printing Nextuus Volume 4:…

And Jaymz Bernard Jaymzeecat is about $500 away from her $3k goal for her third graphic novel, Devil Spy. There's just three days left! Check it out. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way for me to embed the video for this one:…

And if you haven't seen it already, here's my first video tutorial on YouTube. Let me know what you think! :D

Hey, Hooligans! So... as much as I'm already pretty short on time, I'm considering beginning weekly webcomic reviews, in large part because there are so few of them... most of the people who start doing reviews of webcomics stop after a fairly short time... So here are my thoughts:

:bulletblue: Each week I will set a timer for one hour and read as much as I can of a given comic in that time.
:bulletblue: Your work must have at least 100 pages or strips.
:bulletblue: You tell me where to start reading.
:bulletblue: My review will be based on the one hour of reading.
:bulletblue: I will outline what I see as strengths and potentially weaknesses in the work.
:bulletblue: I will NOT say if I don't find a joke funny or other similarly subjective ideas. (I may praise, but I won't dump.)
:bulletblue: My review will NOT reflect poorly on your work because I have a difference of opinion regarding religious or lifestyle issues.
:bulletblue: I will reserve the right to refuse service. (There may be one or two, but I don't expect this to be a big issue. I've seen one or two comics I would turn down, but they're few and far between.)

Any takers?

While I'm here, check out this article from sambeawesome about how to market yourself.

How I Market MyselfCommission Me! | FAQ | Patreon
In a year and a half I've gone from zero to over 10,000 watchers. Sounds totally crazy, even to me. (Though I'm super appreciative!) I'm writing this journal out to explain to ya'll how that happened and how I continue to increase my number of watchers. Hopefully the information here can help you in growing your own audience :) (Smile)
Three quick disclaimers first before I get into the nitty-gritty of things:
1. These are not the only ways one can market themselves. This is just how I went about/continue to go about doing things. It's what I found most easiest and convenient for me. I

Also, if you haven't seen them yet, here's my year-in-review of the Woohooligan comics from 2016.
Woohooligan 2016 Year in Review! by woohooligan

And my first video tutorial on drawing techniques. Let me know what you think! Thanks!