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November 22, 2010
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Tough Love by woohooligan Tough Love by woohooligan
:new: Won 2nd place in the Comic Strips Contest on #comicUnderground! Thanks!

It's kind of a special challenge to parody Star Wars. It's not so much because I'm a fan of the series (although I am) as it is because Star Wars has been parodied so much already. How do you find a joke that's funny and that someone hasn't already done? Anyway I hope this one measures up. :D

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I will have to say I agree with the artist on the difficulty it is to parody a series that has been parodied many times. However, smolderingremains has come up with a originality that is different. Especially more so with this particular scene that has been parodied so many times, that it is now ingrained in our pop culture. The combined idea of this comic page and the artist's style has greatly impacted on how funny this was when first reading it. And still have a chuckle after rereading it.

Smolderingremains, for the reasons stated, is able to have a vision that expresses itself in each panel. For example, there is a subtle change in Darth Vader's expression on the mask that represents the emotion that comes with what he said to Luke.

In addition to that particular change in emotion, Luke's expressions are also very expressive and really communicates the idea behind the text used. I really like the use of different color bubbles for each speaker as well as a good choice of font that allows for easy reading without being distracted from the words themselves and focus more on images.

Personally, I think the choice of hair color for Luke's is an odd one, even though he is technically a dirty blond. Even so, it still communicates your style as well as symbolizes that Luke is the light and Vadar is the dark, which adds a very nice contrast to this comic. Very well done, smolderingremains!
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There are a lot of parodies of Star Wars these days, and it’s certainly nothing new. In this case there is something unique going on that I like. Because of how many Star Wars spoofs there are people are expecting it to be immediately humorous and even the title suggest that. In some ways this could be a drawback because now the audience sees it coming.

So here’s what I like. The first panel is set very much at the kind of angle one might expect from the movie. From the second panel to the last is a wonderful farcical slide into silliness, and even the art goes that direction. The third and the fifth panels are my favorite examples of this. In the third Darth’s expression is expectedly unchanged. In the fifth however there is a definite expression change. It’s subtle enough to go unnoticed consciously.

The last panel is clearly in contrast to the first what with the straight angled view and more clearly cartoonish characters. The expression on Luke’s face is the only criticism I can give. I would have had it done a little more subtly especially in the second panel, but on the whole this is a very clever comic.

I gave it three on originality only because the Star Wars motif has been done a lot. But you did manage to find something pretty unique so I gave your vision the top notch.
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ShadowPhoenix16 Nov 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh love this XD

Awesome job :D
razzigyrl Nov 24, 2010  Professional Artisan Crafter
I absolutely love this. :D I've seen so many takes on this scene, but yours is the first to earn a genuine laugh from me in a long while.

Saphira-lver3 Nov 22, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
lol wow. I love it xDDD
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